Report on AHOEC Conference

Report on AHOEC Conference

The National Sports Training Centre in Largs, West of Glasgow was a stunning location for the AHOEC (Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres) 2019 Conference, 13-15 Novmeber 2019. Appropriately entitled "Outdoors Together" this was the perfect opportunity for Craig, our MD to learn, share and network with likeminded professionals from all over the UK. 

Craig has been involved now in outdoor learning not only here in here in Northern Ireland, but also in various other parts of the world, for over 20 years. And with outdoor learning being at the very core of who we are and what we do, membership of AHOEC was a natural progression. 

Workshop topics varied from risks in experiential learning, health and emotional wellbeing, tree climbing set-up, access challenges, all-ability cycling, criminal justice use of the outdoors and many more. 

There was also an opportunity to chat with some of the exhibitors at the conference - Palm, Lyon, Petzl. In particular this was a great opportunity to get to know the Activities Industry Mutual reps - they are afterall our insurers! 

The highlight of the conference was listening to Al Humphries who spoke passionately about the importance of adventure in all our lives as well as telling plenty of stories from his own adventures. 

And Craig managed to get a skeaky wee mountain bike ride around Kirroughtree for a couple of hours just before the ferry home!


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