Why wait until summer for your adventures?

Why wait until summer for your adventures?

Traditionally our adventure "season" runs from March to October. Lately, however we are starting to see a change and more activities taking place during the winter months. 

Certainly mountain biking has played a big part in this all-year-round adventure season - there are days at Davagh when it is tanking down out of the heavens and the car park is full by 10am on a weekend morning. There is a clear hunger for adventure and adrenalin amongst the mountain bikers and getting muddy is all part of it. 

Wet bouldeirng also continues to be popular during the winter months and it is always great to see our regular American exchange students throwing themselves into the rock pools at Bloody Bridge during February. 

When you work in these environments having experienced instructors is a must. And at Outdoor Concepts we have them. 

Personal and company equipment should also be of the highest quality to maximise your enjoyment. We offer a 15% discount to all our clients for Cotswold Outdoors. Just ask us at either the time of booking or at the end of your activity session and we can tell you how to avail of this discount. 

Now that you have this equipment discount there is no excuse to wait until the weather picks up! See you out there!

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