Outdoor Concepts goes “Back to the Future”

Outdoor Concepts goes “Back to the Future”

21st October 2015 ring a bell for any of you movie buffs?

This was the date Marty McFly and the Doc put into their Delorean in the iconic 1980s movie “Back to the Future.” Our staff provided technical assistance for for Harp Lager to recreate the movie finale at the Gasworks Clock Tower in Belfast.

It started with a phone call and progressed into risk assessments, site visits and ultimately ensuring the safe provision of a zipline from the clock tower to land next to the Delorean. Outdoor Concepts were able to provide technical assistance and all necessary safety equipment. Working closely with the location health and safety staff we spent the day setting up and testing the zipline before the filming took place as dusk fell.

It was great to see all the necessary elements of this shoot come together on the day - lighting, camera crew, actors, producers, photographers and of course the tea / coffee van. And with a 3am finish it certainly was a long but very satisfying day. We couldn’t wait until we saw the final product. Have a look at the full commercial below.


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