Wet Bouldering

Maximum fun on a river - jumping and sliding into pools as you make your way up the river. Prepare yourself for the big jumps at the end!

Yes! One of our most popular activities is BACK! Obviously we are having to make a few changes to how we run this activity with the onset of Covid-19. As always the safety of not only our clients but also our staff and other members of the public are paramount.  

So time to suit up - put on your wetsuit, buoyancy aid and helmet and make your way up a fast flowing river - slides, rock pools and jumps all the way!

Wet bouldering is all about the water - we make our way up a river, jumping into pools, climbing up waterfalls, always looking forward to the highest jumps at the end. And all of this under the direct supervision of one of our fully qualified members of staff. 

Please note these three very important points about our sessions:

We are currently offering wet bouldering sessions for a maximum group size of 6 participants.

All our sessions will start at 9am - this will allow you to park safely (there have been major issues in the area with a high volume of vehicles trying to park in limited space). It will also give you and your group time alone on the water with few others around.

Strict social distancing protocols will be in place. 

So what do I need to do now?

Look below the photo. Click on 6 for the number of people in your group - even though there may be less than 6 in your group. Click on the date that you would like to have your session on. We are currently only running wet bouldeirng session on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. 

Please note that the fee for your session is set at £225 ie £37.50 per person. So even if you are a group less than 6 please add in the required numbers to make the fee £225. This is a quirk of how the website is currently set-up. 




Price: £37.50
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