Staff Profile - Kevin Kilroy and his Winter in El Chorro, Spain

Staff Profile - Kevin Kilroy and his Winter in El Chorro, Spain

 So what have you been up to over the "winter" months?

This winter has been a really busy one for me - it started off with me completing my Mountain Instructor Award. I have dedicted a lot of time and effort into gaining this award over the past couple of years and am now really looking forward to introducing more people to rock climbing and mountaineering. This sport has had a really positive impact on my life and I really feel that more people should get involved and experience the gift of climbing for themselves. After getting this award I spent a couple of weeks in Catyluna in Northern Spain on a proper climbing holiday. And for the past few months I've been based in El Chorro at The Olive Branch.

What makes this area - El Chorro, Spain - so special?

El Chorro is a beautiful remote setting in Southern Spain but easily accessed by train from Malaga Airport. The Olive Branch is not only at the centre of the climbing scene but serves great food, is very affordbale and gives other climbers access to other like-minded, motivated climbers. This area also has great hill walking and mountain biking. 

What are your plans for the future?

I'll be heading home for the "summer" months and looking forward to joining up with the Outdoor Concepts Team as well doing some more route setting at The Foyle Arena and the Ozone Indoor Climbing Walls. I am looking forward to sharing my enthisiasm for climbing with others as well as learning new skills and developing and pushing my own limits as a climber. 

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Make sure you keep an eye out for Kevin on our summer programmes and ask him all about his Spanish Climbing adventures. 

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